Adega Ridge Road Restaurant Review
Part 1 of 2
We were thrilled to be invited to review this restaurant. As soon as we entered we took notice of the tranquil ambience of the restaurant (fair enough we did go on a week day) regardless of being situated right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Ridge Road! The tables were well laid-out and neat. The Manager, waitresses and other staff were polite and very accommodating.

Starting off with the drinks we decided to go with a passion fruit mojito and strawberry daiquiri. The bright colours and presentation were on point. The strawberry daiquiri is possibly one of the best we have ever had, while the passion fruit mojito had a very strong lemon and mint flavour to it – which may not be everyone’s fave.

Next we were served with starters.
The haloumi platter came with 3 slices of crumbed haloumi, it was hot, crispy and so delicious I could go back to eat it every day. It was accompanied by a sweet chilli sauce which went with it perfectly.

The next starter was Calamari stuffed with feta and prawns. It had a mild taste to it, but was creamy and cooked to perfection. It also came accompanied with grated potato chips which we found to be quite innovative.

Part 2 of 2
The meal we enjoyed at Adega were dishes suggested to us, after asking the manager to provide us with their most popular dishes and what they would like to promote.

Next was the main meal:
LM Style chicken and prawns served with chips and rice. This is a typical favorite at Adega and the name speaks for itself. If you haven’t tried this already, this dish with its’ burst of flavours is a must have!

The Solteiro Platter was made up of lemon butter hake, mussels, prawns, calamari and veg (sweet potato, creamy spinach and butternut). Although we really appreciated and savoured the taste of the hake and prawns, we found the stuffed calamari (starter) to be much tastier and better cooked than the lemon butter calamari (in the main). The sweet potato and butternut were also served in large wedges and was difficult to eat. However the entire dish was creamy and satisfying.

To end of:
Dessert: Homemade ice cream: Although the presentation was not the epitome of perfection, this delicious vanilla ice cream mixed with Adegas own combo of chocolate and biscuits was a great finish to a meal.

Something new we were surprised with is Adegas range of Magnum shakes! We ordered the Magnum white almond shake. It was decadently rich, and the almond was tasted upon having the first sip. However, it really needed to be stirred well as it only really captured the essence of magnum white almond toward the middle of the drink.

Overall, the meal was superb and the service by Irshaad and Mahomed (managers) and the waitress (Fikile) and all staff was spectacular. Thank you for a great afternoon.

For the best catering for your event or just an amazing sit down meal Adega Ridge Road is the place to go! Contact them on 0312078353

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