Casablanca Review

Today we were requested to review CASABLANCA seafood & grill restaurant specializing in Indo Portuguese Cuisine. This restaurant is well known to many. Situated in the hub bub of Windermere Rd, it contains a flurry of people dining in as well as indulging in take-out especially on weekends.

To our delight, we were presented with a mocktails menu and were really spoilt for choice.
We ordered the Watermelon Litchi Mocktail – which true to its’ name had a rich litchi taste and a hint of watermelon. The appearance had a pink ombré effect which really added the final touch to it!
We also ordered the Candy floss Curaçao mocktail – which looked so pretty it was difficult to take a sip. Going from shades of purple to blue – the mocktail had a sweet taste with a perfect kick of citrus which made it an extremely well balanced thirst quencher!

The 3 main courses consisted of:

1. BBQ fillet steak served with onion rings and chips – Well garnished and the steak was tender and saucy. The chips and onion rings were also crispy and deliciously flavored. If you love BBQ then this is the steak for you!
2. Lemon butter prawns & Kashmiri prawns served with savoury rice and chips – The savoury rice was moulded and the dish was fairly well presented. The prawns were fresh and cooked to perfection, creamy and had an authentic taste. For those who enjoy spicy (we do) the Kashmiri prawns is a must have!
3. Tandoori chicken served with butternut and spinach – The tandoori chicken was spicy, saucy and not over cooked nor undercooked. Although this wasn’t one of our faves, tandoori fans would appreciate it. The butternut was smooth and had a tinge of sweetness and the creamy spinach, although palatable, lacked a little seasoning.

Overall this was as close to a five star meal as it could get, it was flavourful, well-presented and well-prepared. The staff were at our beck and call and the manager and owner were extremely accommodating. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.

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