Review on Pizzas by @garnish_by_shahziya

We have been seeing @garnish_by_shahziya around for a while on Instagram, mouthwatering pics of pizzas (not to mention 10 different types!), posts about burger nights and delicious French toasts at the morning trade!

So when we were asked to review her products we were super keen! We chose to review the Mumbai Masala Steak Pizza and Loaded Chicken Jelapeno Pizza.

The pizzas arrived carefully wrapped and well presented. It appeared colourful and we could just make out the variety of toppings under the different types of cheese!

Even before heating or eating the pizza we could tell that this base was truly perfection. Not too soft but not too crispy either – really easy to eat!

The loaded chicken jelapeno pizza was creamy, delicious and loaded with flavour. Although the jelapeno definitely gave it a kick, it wasn’t very spicy.

The Mumbai masala steak pizza made us feel like we were transported back to India with the array of spices and flavours mingling and tingling in our mouth!

We would have preferred the pizzas a little spicier but I’m sure this too is done on request!

Overall, two of the best pizzas we have ever tasted ? and we look forward to tasting lots more that @garnish_by_shahziya has to offer!

Follow @garnish_by_shahziya or contact her on 0837865283 to order!

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