The House of Chai Review

We were approached by a lovely lady who requested us to do a review on her special homemade Tea Masala. We were so excited as this was our first review and who doesn’t love a good cup of masala tea? We were assured that the tea masala is a grandmothers special and a true hit!

1. The tea masala comes in a cute little and convenient plastic bottle ❤️
2. As soon as we opened it the strong spicy aroma was intoxicating?!
3. We were advised to use just a pinch of the masala per cup, (which personally after tasting we felt was too little for us as we preferred a stronger taste)
4. Tip: The tea definitely needs to be well boiled and well strained to get the desired effect
5. Overall, an excellent high quality cup of Chai!☕️

To get your own amazing tea masala from The House of Chai contact S.Jeeva on 083 338 2418

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