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2017 is the year of the chaat. The year that the trend has hit and has left many people absolutely in love with the tangy starter type dish, trying out in many forms and many different additions.

@chaat_it_up for me is the royalty of all chaat. I have been waiting to try them for ages and was super excited to hear they had finally arrived in Durban!

I was privileged enough to try out the patha chaat and samoosa chaat. How to even describe the explosion of flavours of these tantalizing dishes! Chickpeas, tangy patha (in the patha chaat) and potato samoosa (in the samoosa chaat) topped with aamli sauce, green Chutney, yoghurt, pur and pomegranate. There were so many flavours at once I could even have left out or added in a few according to my taste!

Nothing combines more beautifully than the flavours of these chaats. This is something that no one wants to share. So be sure to get your own and indulge. Don’t be afraid to shovel spoonfuls of this deliciousness into your mouth. Be sure to check them out at @pitstop_overport tomorrow

Follow @chaat_it_up on Instagram. Email chaatitup@gmail.com for enquiries.

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