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Visited Savory Spain today – a Halaal kiosk in Gateway, Umhlanga.
Intrigued by all the FRESHLY made savouries and sweets they have on offer.
They offer a variety of empanadas (pictured are the spinach and feta, chicken korma and roasted peppers). I specifically enjoyed the chicken korma one with chilli sauce!
The chicken paella was delicious – similar to a home cooked aknee ????
I also tried the espresso shot with condensed milk – a must for coffee lovers and their signature Nutella shake – just the perfect sweetness.
For dessert there was a decadent vanilla like Swiss roll with custard, a rich chocolate tart, strawberry cheesecake and French tart. Definitely worth a try and a treat for the sweet tooth!
Their pinchos are also extremely popular – it reminded me of a kind of bruschetta but definitely an upper class one ????
Follow @savoryspain_za on Instagram and visit them in Gateway for your favourite Spanish tapas and sweet treats! They do catering too!

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