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So excited that I got to workout at @elitehealthclub courtesy of @naz_manjoo and @joemanjoo

I absolutely loved my training session with @nazmeera_arbee too!

I am so impressed with their level of professionalism , how they can assess in which way and how you need to shape up in just a few glances!

They specialize in weight training ensuring that you simultaneously build muscle and activate your fat burning potential.

Vivid routines optimize your true strength! Thank you for the awesome experience and I can’t wait to come back for more! Also… I am so excited for @switchhealthfood opening soon ????

The Elite Health Club is a luxury training facility situated on the 3rd floor of The Spark Lifestyle Centre, 98 Cannon avenue, Overport.
They offer a luxury training experience and their team consists  of top Medical Professionals, Physique Coaches and Trainers who are in touch with the latest scientific based rehabilitation and exercise programs. Their facility has been fitted with cutting edge exercise equipment and they offer one of the first ladies only weight training spaces for those ladies who prefer a private training space.
They offer a range of classes and challenges suitable for everyone.
Some of their Challenges are:
1. The Medical Fitness Challenge
2. Kids Fitness Challenge
3. The Elite Fitness Challenge

They also offer Body transformation and Advanced Physique Weight Training Programs specially designed by IFBB Pro Joe Manjoo.
Switch Wholesome Fast Food (@switchhealthfood) will help keep your diet in check with the first ever Wholesome Fast Food outlet in Durban opening soon at The Elite Health Club????

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