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Been craving a good braai and Wadees definitely hit the spot!
They are currently doing pop ups all over Johannesburg and Pretoria.
For sides we indulged in pasta salad, coleslaw and gourmet potato salad. Perfectly complemented the delectable braai.
The braai included sausages, kebabs, chops, steak and chicken. I am so impressed with their quality of meat, light (but great) seasoning and of course how well cooked the meat was. If the colour of that chicken is not enough to make you drool what will! ????
They are efficient, respect social distancing protocol, meals are ready as soon as you fetch it and it’s fresh and hot right off the braai stand!
Thank you for exceptional service and for even more exceptional braai! Follow @wadeesbraai on Instagram and see where they will be popping up next!

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