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@joemowrpantry sent me a box of goodies. The presentation wowed me but the products truly blew me away!

They don’t call it a premium artisanal pantry for nothing. The products are so unique, they have you thinking of various ways to use them as soon as you set eyes on them!

I received a Doubleshot chai tea concentrate. I’m guessing mixing this in milk makes the perfect chai tea, but I’m also looking forward to experimenting with some incredible desserts too. I also received Lapa green chillies – a shredded mix which I’m definitely going to use in every meal.

Next up – African infused chocolate jam! Spread it on toast, maybe some scones? Let’s see how good it is! And lastly I received the meat moghuls pineapple sensation sauce / marinade. Wondering how this would pair as a sauce for savouries or a chicken marinade – looking forward to trying it out!

Keep a look out on stories and the @joemowrpantry highlight for when and how I use these fabulous products and my feedback. Follow them on Instagram. WhatsApp/call 0731725851. Visit www.joemowrpantry.co.za to order online. They courier nationwide.

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