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@ilypops.za recently just started up and offers the most decadent dessert ice creams. Yes you read that right – they’re ice creams but with a dessert feel!

Their handmade homemade ice creams are coated in crumbly biscuit crumbs with a rich creamy centre. Redesigning dessert into a frozen treat!

They have three flavours, strawberry shortcake, coffee crumble and dark chocolate delight.

The dark chocolate delight is my favourite and did not taste like dark chocolate at all to me – more like a decadently rich brownie ice cream! The strawberry shortcake grew on me with the subtle sweet strawberry ice cream covered by the biscuit bits. The coffee crumble is a treat for coffee lovers everywhere – just too much caffeine for my pregnant self right now. I can’t wait to indulge!

They are available as mini ice cream sticks (assorted or not) and as cups too. Also available @the_frozen_factory

Follow @ilypops.za to see more. I eagerly await their new flavours! Contact 0648748539 for orders and collections. Jhb based.

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