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My little one just started solids and I received a package from @ohanaa_food_for_babies just in time!

They are based in centurion and are certified in child food nutrition producing nutritious and tasty baby food!

I received a package with stage 1 foods containing rice cereal, broccoli, sweet potato and potato.

I love the packaging (swipe to see pics), the little packets take up minimum space, are easy to freeze and to thaw, and enough for 1-2 feeds especially in the beginning!

Babies aren’t usually fans of rice cereal but it is important and an iron rich food especially for breakfast and when starting, my baby enjoyed it with a dash of cinnamon.

He loved the potato and sweet potato but I can’t say the same for broccoli. Regardless, it’s important to introduce different foods to your baby and to see their likes and dislikes from there to make sure they get all adequate nutrients from various foods. I’m so glad that @ohanaa_food_for_babies included a whole range of unique foods.

Follow @ohanaa_food_for_babies on Instagram and DM them for enquiries and orders.

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