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I was treated to a variety of delectable ice creams last weekend. I love that all flavours were so unique and so creamy!
I was sent a huge variety of flavours which were all decadent. Here’s my opinion in order of my most favourite!
Lotus Biscoff – just as I thought I was done with lotus along came the most perfect tasting ice cream I’ve ever had! So creamy and amazing! I love that the flavour hits the spot without being overwhelming and that it’s topped with lotus spread and lotus biscuit pieces.
Popping Candy – how unique is this one! A sweet candy strawberry flavour that pops like there’s a party on your tongue even way after the ice cream is eaten! I love! ❤️
Mint Crisp – I adored how potent the mint flavour is with a perfect balance of chocolate:
Burfee & Almond – literally tastes like Burfee transformed into an ice cream. Such a treat.
Turkish delight – I love the balance and taste. Light, rosy and flavourful.
Liquorice – on first lick the flavour seems very subtle but in an instant it blows up your tastebuds! A winner for liquorice fans!
Ferrero – a rich nutella flavour with a touch of hazelnut
Cookies & cream – my nephews fave!
Bubblegum – extremely potent flavour and aroma!
Caramel crunch – sweet caramel flavour with an ideal crunch
Raffaello – subtle coconut flavour with a creamy Raffaello kick
Pistachio – authentic pistachio flavour that isn’t too strong or too bland
Flake & Almond – Basic chocolate flavour that’s a family favourite for all
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