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I thoroughly enjoyed this insightful and extremely interesting course. It taught me (more in-depth) about my personality and temperament and certain lifestyle factors that I should adjust to maximize my health.

The practice of Tibb revolves around the art and skill of identifying a person’s individual temperamental combination and associated qualities, combined with the science and practice of serving his or their physis to maintain their particular ideal state of health.

Lifestyle factors are ultimately the cause of both health and disease.

Diet charts are therefore used to determine which foods are best for an individual based on their specific temperamental combination.

The Tibb principles of creation, qualities, physis, temperament, humours and lifestyle factors allow for a comprehensive understanding of not only health maintenance but also interpreting how illnesses are caused. Tibb recognises that illnesses do not just happen but are the result of causes that can be identified.

As part of the course you will identify your temperament and thereafter a personalised lifestyle programme for your temperament is provided telling you what to eat, how long to sleep what to refrain from in order for your body to be in physis and stay well balanced.

What was also interesting is that at the end of the course a list of fifty illnesses are provided with a specific advice for each one.

After completing the course I was treated to an online consultation with a Tibb doctor and Professor Bhika himself to go through my personalised lifestyle plan with me. It was extremely well explained, thorough and I know exactly what foods to eat, exercises to do, how much sleep to get, how to do breathing exercises and other lifestyle changes to make in order to maximize a healthy lifestyle and prevent chronic illnesses in future!

Follow @tibbinstitute on Instagram and visit their website to sign up for their course. I highly recommend it!

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