Galitos Beyers Naude #review

Last weekend we visited the Galitos in Beyers Naude and to say it was a deliciously satisfying experience would be an understatement.

They are strictly Halaal. We delighted in some of their most popular dishes.

Their chicken burger was succulent, juicy and delicious. We could taste the freshness of the ingredients and it really hit the spot! The spicy wings were saucy and fabulous! There isn’t a more perfect and mouthwatering starter. And my favorite – the chicken strips and rice. This consists of the most perfectly marinated chicken strips grilled to excellence and then topped onto a bed of spicy rice with sishebo and Gali Mayo (this sauce is the magical ingredient right there). I relished every bite and can’t wait to go back for more!

To top it up our meal was served with a @fehmzmocktails fireball flavour which added the perfect touch to our already zinging palates!

Thank you to the team for being so welcoming, courteous and serving up such great quality dishes!

Be sure to visit them soon – they are situated at the total garage in Beyers Naude. (Google maps finds it quite easily). Contact 0104472224

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