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This weekend I was treated to a range of the most amazing and decadent unique desserts! I am so impressed with the taste and the talent behind it.

First off – nutella baklava! As if baklava is not amazing enough – this one has a rich chocolatey twist and will make chocolate lovers go crazy. I love how flaky the baklava is – melt in your mouth!

And just when you thought you tasted it all…the best is yet to come! Baklava cheesecake cups, tiramisu baklava cups and even chocolate mousse baklava cups!

I love the idea of combining the dessert with baklava. All the flavours were delicious and extraordinary. My fave was definitely the tiramisu with the rich coffee flavour and bits of dipped biscuit 😍 thank you for tantalizing my tastebuds

Follow @chocohub_za on Instagram and message them or contact 0614808812 to order. Pretoria based.

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