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Just as their Instagram name states – these are not just your ordinary balloon arrangements but go above and BEYOND any expectations you may have!
I came across this Instagram page months ago and I could not digest the talent as I scrolled through their feed in awe of each distinctive showpiece! Every balloon is so carefully thought out, customised and personalised to a degree that I have never seen before! I waited for an opportunity to come along when I could finally contact them and get me some floating themed beauties 🎈-  (a dull emoticon in comparison to the work these geniuses do) ❤️
I requested a Manchester United themed balloon piece for my husband’s birthday and they went all out! The colour scheme, the soccer shaped balloons, the number being added in as well as personalisation with his name. It was all done so perfectly and in such a short amount of time along with numerous other orders! Impressed is an understatement. It was delivered and all ready to be placed! So quick, so easy, so very efficient! Thank you Naeema and team for going out for being so exceptional at what you do.
I love the creativity, uniqueness and planning put into each design. And you can bet that I will be ordering balloons for any and every occasion!

Follow @beyond.balloons.sa on Instagram and contact 0718796405 to order your very own customised balloon masterpiece! Based in Centurion.
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