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I received a package of Organo Gold Latte and Organo Green Tea to try out – which is suitable for breastfeeding! And for my husband – the OG Fenix meal replacement shake to use while he trains!

The products are Infused with Ganoderma Lucidium which induces all round body health and wellness such as:
▪︎Reducing stress and anxiety
▪︎Anti- insomnia
▪︎ Pain relief of the body and joints
▪︎Assists with PCOS and endometriosis
▪︎Regulates menstrual cycles and hormones
▪︎Regulates BP and cholesterol
▪︎Improves energy, focus and clarity

For 3 weeks I had my latte religiously in the morning and the green tea in the evening. Just add hot water and milk to the latte sachet. I also added a teaspoon of sugar. The latte tasted so creamy and delicious I looked forward to it every morning! For the green tea – just add hot water. I loved the subtle taste of this green tea, not too strong or overpowering.

Overall the distinct benefits that I experience include:
An increase in energy, Mental Clarity, waking up fresh every morning and being able to sleep very well at night as well as even improved mood. With a healthy diet and regular exercise it also assisted in me losing inches on my waist and hips!

Review OGX Fenika meal replacement supplement

Got this about 3 weeks ago and I really enjoyed it . I’ve been leaning out over the past month or so and needed a supplement as a meal replacement , it’s safe to say that this was perfect for me .

With its high protein content (13.1 grams per serving) and low carbohydrate content (7.8 grams per serving) , it really does fill me up so that my hunger is satisfied as well promoting vascularity and assisting with weight loss .
I would definitely recommend this to others with the same fitness goals and I look forward to trying out other products from the OGX range .

-Mustafa Ahmed (Qualified Personal Trainer with Tri-Focus Fitness Academy , 2016)

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