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I was sent the prettiest box of the most decadent snacks and tea masala from @spicynibbles

The packaging is just wow. A stunning black box. All items wrapped in silver paper and the tea masala in the most stunning silver butterfly box! So elegant!

I was sent two type of chevro – crunchy, fresh and delicious! Filled with ghatia, peanuts, corn flakes, green leaves, puffed rice, raisins and so much more!

Two flavors – both which were equally enjoyable but the spice in me loved the spicy flavor. Hot enough to zing your tongue and you just won’t be able to stop!

The tea masala is epic. Just add a pinch while your tea is boiling and you are in for an awesome treat. Extremely flavourful and potent.

Thank you for these amazing goodies. Follow @spicynibbles on instagram. They are based in jhb and you can find their products at a bakery or butchery near you. Made with love using the finest ingredients.


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