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The most amazing and the prettiest pedicures we’ve ever had! 🤩

The 24k gold pedicure is spectacular! It has benefits such as anti aging, increases blood circulation and brightens and repairs skin. I love the gold scrub, gold foil pieces and yellow petals used. It does not get more gorgeous than this.

The rose and milk pedicure is also super stunning. Soft baby pink petals used and pink scrub too. These pedicures include paraffin and leave your feet feeling soft and smooth and your nails shining for weeks on end!

I can’t wait to go back! 🌸 follow @zaibar_beauty on Instagram. They have a whole list of beauty treatments and I’ve heard great things about their hair treatments too! They are based at 222 Windermere rd Durban. WhatsApp +27 (74) 291-6507 to book.

Be sure to get some @oroastlab.sa rose latte while you’re there.

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