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I received one of the prettiest drop-offs I have ever received. All packaged in a big bright and beautiful pink box with a ribbon, fancy card and personalised name plaque.

Inside was even juicier. Three types of prawns together with the marinades used to baste them! Sweet & Tangy, Spicy Chilli and Kashmiri! The three marinades were packaged in huge tubs with basting instructions – very organised! The prawns were huge – probably king. Tender, cooked and basted to perfection. So aromatic I felt like my fast broke just smelling everything 🤤

The sweet and tangy was exactly as it name states. Someone who loves to mix sweet and savoury will love this flavour! The spicy chilli was very spicy but also had a slight sweetness which calmed the zing down a little. The Kashmiri was definitely my favourite. It had an authentic and exotic taste with a range of different seasonings. Thank you for the spoils!

This business started simply by a wife concocting marinades for her husband until she created the perfect recipe! These marinades are now sold by her and she also sells the prawns readymade and prepared for those who would like to order!

Follow @znz_delicacies and @fati.Choonara on instagram, dm them or WhatsApp +27 (83) 700-7677 to order.


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