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@rumaanah_12 Organo review

@rumaanah_12 #review I received a package of Organo Gold Latte and Organo Green Tea to try out – which is suitable for breastfeeding! And for my husband – the OG Fenix meal replacement shake to use while he trains! The products are Infused with Ganoderma Lucidium which induces all round body health and wellness such […]

@hunga_bustas #review

@hunga_bustas #review We were treated to an amazing meal at @hunga_bustas on Saturday! I love how jampacked their delightful menu is – overflowing with the most mouthwatering meals. We tried a steak Dagwood supreme, a chicken tikka burger special with chips and cheese and a flying saucer (pizza) – captain Mexican (with steak, garlic, polony, […]

@beyond.balloons.sa #review Just as their Instagram name states – these are not just your ordinary balloon arrangements but go above and BEYOND any expectations you may have! I came across this Instagram page months ago and I could not digest the talent as I scrolled through their feed in awe of each distinctive showpiece! Every […]

@chocohub_za #review

@chocohub_za #review This weekend I was treated to a range of the most amazing and decadent unique desserts! I am so impressed with the taste and the talent behind it. First off – nutella baklava! As if baklava is not amazing enough – this one has a rich chocolatey twist and will make chocolate lovers […]

@feroza_puffpastry #review

@feroza_puffpastry #review Omg these! I am so glad that Aunty feroza finally got an Instagram page set up. I received the most delicious drop off this afternoon. The best jam pastries I have ever tasted. To be honest I was never really a jam pastry fan. Can I admit that these have converted me? The […]

@cosmo_south_africa #review

@cosmic_south_africa #review I received a whole range of gel food colours and flavours from @cosmic_south_africa and wow their range is the most extensive and unique I’ve seen by far! I received the colours tanzanite, aqua blue, super black, radiant yellow and sunset orange. I love how you only need a drop and that they are […]

@masala_chick #review

@masala_chick #review I received this lovely book for my baby boy. Although he is too little he was still intrigued by the pictures and the story! Masha Allah – a brilliant book for your little ones. A story about Adam and Yusha and a run through their Jummah day. Filled with information and Islamic knowledge. […]

@petitbebe.Sa #review

@petitbebe.Sa #review I love these adorable costumes from @petitbebe.sa and I am obsessed with this jersey sent for my little boy! Need one in every size until he turns 30 🙊 @petitbebe is not just your ordinary baby page, their stuff is really unique and bespoke and the quality speaks for itself. We were also […]

Galitos beyers naude #review

Galitos Beyers Naude #review Last weekend we visited the Galitos in Beyers Naude and to say it was a deliciously satisfying experience would be an understatement. They are strictly Halaal. We delighted in some of their most popular dishes. Their chicken burger was succulent, juicy and delicious. We could taste the freshness of the ingredients […]

@tibbinstitute course #review

@tibbinstitute course #review I thoroughly enjoyed this insightful and extremely interesting course. It taught me (more in-depth) about my personality and temperament and certain lifestyle factors that I should adjust to maximize my health. The practice of Tibb revolves around the art and skill of identifying a person’s individual temperamental combination and associated qualities, combined […]