@thenoodlebar_ #review

Yesterday at @thehalaalnightmarket we tried out @thenoodlebar_

The chicken chowmein with cashews had a great balance of spices and sauces and the serving was ideal for one.

The steak and chicken rolls were charred and cooked to perfection and topped with a spicy delicious sauce.

Follow @thenoodlebar_ on instagram and Visit them at @thehalaalnightmarket they are in a caravan near the entrance! Don’t miss out!


@noonoos_kitchen #review

Fresh, crispy, juicy and delicious. This jalebi had the perfect crunch, sweetness and taste! My toddler kept reaching for more 🤦🏻‍♀️
Get your stash for eid now! They also make sev, ghatia, chevro and so much more!
Follow @noonoos_kitchen on Instagram and contact Fatima on +27 (72) 783-7866 they courier nationwide!

@znz_delicacies #review

I received one of the prettiest drop-offs I have ever received. All packaged in a big bright and beautiful pink box with a ribbon, fancy card and personalised name plaque.

Inside was even juicier. Three types of prawns together with the marinades used to baste them! Sweet & Tangy, Spicy Chilli and Kashmiri! The three marinades were packaged in huge tubs with basting instructions – very organised! The prawns were huge – probably king. Tender, cooked and basted to perfection. So aromatic I felt like my fast broke just smelling everything 🤤

The sweet and tangy was exactly as it name states. Someone who loves to mix sweet and savoury will love this flavour! The spicy chilli was very spicy but also had a slight sweetness which calmed the zing down a little. The Kashmiri was definitely my favourite. It had an authentic and exotic taste with a range of different seasonings. Thank you for the spoils!

This business started simply by a wife concocting marinades for her husband until she created the perfect recipe! These marinades are now sold by her and she also sells the prawns readymade and prepared for those who would like to order!

Follow @znz_delicacies and @fati.Choonara on instagram, dm them or WhatsApp +27 (83) 700-7677 to order.


“Be Grateful for your life, every detail of it, and your face will come to shine like the sun, and everyone who sees it will be made glad and peaceful. Persist with GRATITUDE and you will become one with the Sun of Love, Love will shine through you its all-healing Joy.”
Moulana Jalal ad-Din Mohammad Rumi

This book is filled with amazing quotes from scholars, Quran, Hadith and sahaba that will light up your life.

It contains daily exercises that include showing gratitude to Allah specifically and in different ways. It is well written, thought provoking and brought me to tears.

I read it all In a few days to be able to write about it. However I will definitely be following through with the daily practices. A perfect must read book for everyone – especially in this sacred month!

“The Believers’ Book of Magic”
– A 29-day guide to attracting abundance through Gratitude!

“Transform your life this Ramadan (and every month), with this 29-day guide to inculcating the Magic of Gratitude into your daily life!

An inspiring, joyful, and insightful process, designed to bring the Magic of Gratitude to your every day, through daily practices that pave way for transformation, clarity, and most of all Love for and from Allah Almighty!

Filled with tried and tested methods to facilitate improved well-being, satisfying relationships, and help with emotional and spiritual healing. This book is Magic. Gratitude Magic based on the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) as well as the Noble Quran. Learn how you can use the power of Gratitude to attract an abundance of joy, wealth, health, and prosperity into every day of your life from a Jannah-focused perspective!”

Purchase on Amazon in either a Kindle version or on Paperback Or on the author website at a Ramadan 20% discount:

https://faithmosiane.wixsite.com (update browser on mobile)

Tag me with @ummnuraiyyah and @imaanmosiane to let us know your thoughts””

The ebook is also available to order via WhatsApp 0682727649 for the 20% direct discount price.


@voguelivingsa #review

I received the most gorgeous custom-made table cloth from @voguelivingsa I chose a design that caught my eye at their stall at the Halaal Goods Market and they made it according to the measurements of my dining room table.

The material is such superb quality and just feels so soft and comfortable to touch – I swear I could wear it as a dress 😅 it is made impeccably and to exact size. New Eid tablecloth – yay!

It also came perfectly presented and neatly packaged in a huge box. So exciting to open!

Follow @voguelivingsa on Instagram. They specialise in home decor such as custom made tablecloths, wipe off table cloths, Serviettes, placemats, table runners and tea sets! DM them to order


@beautified_blog @elysiansa.co.za @beautifiedskin.co.za #review

I met this lovely lady a few weeks ago at the Eid fest and she gifted me a lovely Nida niqaab that has elastics and is suitable to be worn as a mask. I love how luxurious and breathable the material is. Ideal for little girls too and easier to wear for them than masks.
She also gifted me a glutathione lip balm which lightens lips and adds moisture to dry, chopped, cracked lips.
Thank you for these treats! Follow @beautified_blog @elysiansa.co.za and @beautifiedskin.co.za and DM them to order!

@sajisbakes #review

A few weeks back I caught @sajisbakes at the Eid fest and she gave me a whole lot of her yummies to try!

Seeded health bread, tramezzinis, tangy Mayo chutney, tandoori masala and hot chilli paste. All freshly made and so delicious!

My favourite was the tramezzinis which were absolutely light and fluffy. You won’t believe what I filled it with – the hot chilli paste of course. This is a chilli lovers dream. Chillis with so much flavour – perfect in bread – or a tramezzini!

The seeded health bread is filled with nutrition and tastes so fresh and yummy! The green tangy Mayo chutney is ideal with ramadhaan savouries. I can’t wait to try the tandoori masala out soon!

Follow @sajisbakes on Instagram. WhatsApp 0833803431 to order.

@dhodasdriedfruitsandnuts #review

Dhoda’s has one of the largest and most amazing ranges of dried fruits and nuts. I chose a huge pack of peri peri cashews which I’m using to top on everything I eat! Fresh, perfectly spiced and delicious.

Follow @dhodasdriedfruitandnuts on Instagram and visit their website dhodasfruitandnuts.co.za


@crescent_braai brisket burger #review

We caught @crescent_braai at the @halaalgoodsmarket and tried out their popular brisket burger!

Wow! Succulent is an understatement. This burger is fresh, juicy and spectacular. It has a hint of caramelized onion flavour and a sweetish Savoury sauce that pairs excellently. Comes with chips and is an absolute winner!

If you missed them you can catch them at the @thehalaalnightmarket this weekend for this and their other meaty braai options too!

Follow @crescent_braai on Instagram and contact Yusuf on 0767111466! They do functions and events too.

@pands_foods #review

Are you ready for ramadhaan?
@pands_foods stock everything you need and more. I received a roll of puff pastry from them, a packet of white pitas, mini pizzas bases ready for toppings and cut puris ready to fry. The packaging is on point! Look out for stories when I use these items 💕
They boast such a wide range – and have vol au vents too! Thank you for making everyone’s life together easier!
Follow @pands_foods on Instagram. They are Halaal certified and stocked at your local store. DM them to find a stockist closest to you. Visit www.pandsfoods.co.za