@rumaanah_12 #review

I received a package of Organo Gold Latte and Organo Green Tea to try out – which is suitable for breastfeeding! And for my husband – the OG Fenix meal replacement shake to use while he trains!

The products are Infused with Ganoderma Lucidium which induces all round body health and wellness such as:
▪︎Reducing stress and anxiety
▪︎Anti- insomnia
▪︎ Pain relief of the body and joints
▪︎Assists with PCOS and endometriosis
▪︎Regulates menstrual cycles and hormones
▪︎Regulates BP and cholesterol
▪︎Improves energy, focus and clarity

For 3 weeks I had my latte religiously in the morning and the green tea in the evening. Just add hot water and milk to the latte sachet. I also added a teaspoon of sugar. The latte tasted so creamy and delicious I looked forward to it every morning! For the green tea – just add hot water. I loved the subtle taste of this green tea, not too strong or overpowering.

Overall the distinct benefits that I experience include:
An increase in energy, Mental Clarity, waking up fresh every morning and being able to sleep very well at night as well as even improved mood. With a healthy diet and regular exercise it also assisted in me losing inches on my waist and hips!

Review OGX Fenika meal replacement supplement

Got this about 3 weeks ago and I really enjoyed it . I’ve been leaning out over the past month or so and needed a supplement as a meal replacement , it’s safe to say that this was perfect for me .

With its high protein content (13.1 grams per serving) and low carbohydrate content (7.8 grams per serving) , it really does fill me up so that my hunger is satisfied as well promoting vascularity and assisting with weight loss .
I would definitely recommend this to others with the same fitness goals and I look forward to trying out other products from the OGX range .

-Mustafa Ahmed (Qualified Personal Trainer with Tri-Focus Fitness Academy , 2016)

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Rumaanah Ahmed-Rashid
📲 083 291 5630
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@hunga_bustas #review

We were treated to an amazing meal at @hunga_bustas on Saturday! I love how jampacked their delightful menu is – overflowing with the most mouthwatering meals.

We tried a steak Dagwood supreme, a chicken tikka burger special with chips and cheese and a flying saucer (pizza) – captain Mexican (with steak, garlic, polony, mexicana sauce and mozzarella.)

The meals consist of big portions and were delicious and filling. The spicy meaty pizza blew our mind the most and is the most popular pizza on their menu.

To drink I had the best bubblegum milkshake I have ever tasted. It had the perfect colour, the perfect amount of flavour, the perfect consistency. I wanna go back for this every weekend!

There are two branches – in lenasia and Ormonde. We visited the ormonde branch which is located in a petrol station but also has a convenient undercover seating area outside where we could enjoy our meal.

Thank you for the fabulous treat. We can’t wait to come back for more!

Follow @hunga_bustas on Instagram and visit their branches in lenasia and ormonde!

@beyond.balloons.sa #review

Just as their Instagram name states – these are not just your ordinary balloon arrangements but go above and BEYOND any expectations you may have!
I came across this Instagram page months ago and I could not digest the talent as I scrolled through their feed in awe of each distinctive showpiece! Every balloon is so carefully thought out, customised and personalised to a degree that I have never seen before! I waited for an opportunity to come along when I could finally contact them and get me some floating themed beauties 🎈-  (a dull emoticon in comparison to the work these geniuses do) ❤️
I requested a Manchester United themed balloon piece for my husband’s birthday and they went all out! The colour scheme, the soccer shaped balloons, the number being added in as well as personalisation with his name. It was all done so perfectly and in such a short amount of time along with numerous other orders! Impressed is an understatement. It was delivered and all ready to be placed! So quick, so easy, so very efficient! Thank you Naeema and team for going out for being so exceptional at what you do.
I love the creativity, uniqueness and planning put into each design. And you can bet that I will be ordering balloons for any and every occasion!

Follow @beyond.balloons.sa on Instagram and contact 0718796405 to order your very own customised balloon masterpiece! Based in Centurion.

@chocohub_za #review

This weekend I was treated to a range of the most amazing and decadent unique desserts! I am so impressed with the taste and the talent behind it.

First off – nutella baklava! As if baklava is not amazing enough – this one has a rich chocolatey twist and will make chocolate lovers go crazy. I love how flaky the baklava is – melt in your mouth!

And just when you thought you tasted it all…the best is yet to come! Baklava cheesecake cups, tiramisu baklava cups and even chocolate mousse baklava cups!

I love the idea of combining the dessert with baklava. All the flavours were delicious and extraordinary. My fave was definitely the tiramisu with the rich coffee flavour and bits of dipped biscuit 😍 thank you for tantalizing my tastebuds

Follow @chocohub_za on Instagram and message them or contact 0614808812 to order. Pretoria based.

@feroza_puffpastry #review

Omg these! I am so glad that Aunty feroza finally got an Instagram page set up.

I received the most delicious drop off this afternoon. The best jam pastries I have ever tasted.

To be honest I was never really a jam pastry fan. Can I admit that these have converted me? The pastry is so flaky and melt in your mouth it’s unreal. All handmade homemade of course!

Special thanks to her daughter Mubina for the drop off and for showing off her mums amazing talent.

Follow @feroza_puffpastry on Instagram and whatsapp +27 82 404 5757 to order your delicious jam pastries or puff pastry today!

@cosmic_south_africa #review

I received a whole range of gel food colours and flavours from @cosmic_south_africa and wow their range is the most extensive and unique I’ve seen by far!
I received the colours tanzanite, aqua blue, super black, radiant yellow and sunset orange. I love how you only need a drop and that they are super pigmented! The flavours I received included banana, tropical and cream soda! They smell heavenly!
I can’t wait to use these new goodies soon be sure to check out my stories for when I do. So tempted by their other unique colours and flavours that I’ve seen on their page too – which one would you choose? Cookies and cream? Burfee? Options are endless 🤤
Follow @cosmic_south_africa on Instagram. They manufacture foodgrade powder colours, gel colours and flavours. Whatsapp 0718767166. They are Durban based but also courier nationwide!

@masala_chick #review

I received this lovely book for my baby boy. Although he is too little he was still intrigued by the pictures and the story!
Masha Allah – a brilliant book for your little ones. A story about Adam and Yusha and a run through their Jummah day.
Filled with information and Islamic knowledge. This book teaches one about the sunnahs of Jummah including: taking a ghusl, using miswaak, applying itr, clipping the nails, reading Surah Kahf and Durood, going early to the masjid, walking to the masjid and listening to the khutbah.
It also came with a little miswaak and Free Palestine badge ❤️
Follow @masala_chick on Instagram and DM this amazing author to order this book for your little one! Pick up or courier nationwide available.

@petitbebe.Sa #review

I love these adorable costumes from @petitbebe.sa and I am obsessed with this jersey sent for my little boy! Need one in every size until he turns 30 🙊
@petitbebe is not just your ordinary baby page, their stuff is really unique and bespoke and the quality speaks for itself. We were also spoiled with a dolphin sandwich cutter which is ideal and I’m sure going to be used a lot in a few years time!
Follow @petitbebe.sa on Instagram and WhatsApp
+27 63 884 3241 To order

Galitos Beyers Naude #review

Last weekend we visited the Galitos in Beyers Naude and to say it was a deliciously satisfying experience would be an understatement.

They are strictly Halaal. We delighted in some of their most popular dishes.

Their chicken burger was succulent, juicy and delicious. We could taste the freshness of the ingredients and it really hit the spot! The spicy wings were saucy and fabulous! There isn’t a more perfect and mouthwatering starter. And my favorite – the chicken strips and rice. This consists of the most perfectly marinated chicken strips grilled to excellence and then topped onto a bed of spicy rice with sishebo and Gali Mayo (this sauce is the magical ingredient right there). I relished every bite and can’t wait to go back for more!

To top it up our meal was served with a @fehmzmocktails fireball flavour which added the perfect touch to our already zinging palates!

Thank you to the team for being so welcoming, courteous and serving up such great quality dishes!

Be sure to visit them soon – they are situated at the total garage in Beyers Naude. (Google maps finds it quite easily). Contact 0104472224

@tibbinstitute course #review

I thoroughly enjoyed this insightful and extremely interesting course. It taught me (more in-depth) about my personality and temperament and certain lifestyle factors that I should adjust to maximize my health.

The practice of Tibb revolves around the art and skill of identifying a person’s individual temperamental combination and associated qualities, combined with the science and practice of serving his or their physis to maintain their particular ideal state of health.

Lifestyle factors are ultimately the cause of both health and disease.

Diet charts are therefore used to determine which foods are best for an individual based on their specific temperamental combination.

The Tibb principles of creation, qualities, physis, temperament, humours and lifestyle factors allow for a comprehensive understanding of not only health maintenance but also interpreting how illnesses are caused. Tibb recognises that illnesses do not just happen but are the result of causes that can be identified.

As part of the course you will identify your temperament and thereafter a personalised lifestyle programme for your temperament is provided telling you what to eat, how long to sleep what to refrain from in order for your body to be in physis and stay well balanced.

What was also interesting is that at the end of the course a list of fifty illnesses are provided with a specific advice for each one.

After completing the course I was treated to an online consultation with a Tibb doctor and Professor Bhika himself to go through my personalised lifestyle plan with me. It was extremely well explained, thorough and I know exactly what foods to eat, exercises to do, how much sleep to get, how to do breathing exercises and other lifestyle changes to make in order to maximize a healthy lifestyle and prevent chronic illnesses in future!

Follow @tibbinstitute on Instagram and visit their website to sign up for their course. I highly recommend it!