@theartbox_sa #review

So proud to call this talented girl my friend. I absolutely loved how these balloons turned out for my Baby’s 6 month photoshoot.
She is so quick, efficient and sticks to the theme perfectly adding her own touch and balloons. She is able to visualise what you want and add even more sparkle.
Balloon arrangements are super affordable, done to perfection and they last for months (literally)! Really need to get my next lot of celebratory balloons couriered from Durban to Pretoria and then she can take on orders nationwide! Thank you for being such a blessing!
Follow @theartbox_sa and whatsapp 0734035583 to order. DURBAN based.

@africasunoil #review

I’m so excited to collaborate with one of Africa’s leading oil manufacturers! I was sent Sunpick Pure Sunflower Oil, La Familia 100% Coconut Oil and La Familia Extra Virgin Olive Oil and to say I can’t wait to try them out is an understatement!
SUNPICK is pure vegetable oil, made from 100% sunflower seeds. Whatever you choose to do with SUNPICK – sauté vegetables or meat, deep fry chips, make salad dressings, or bake cakes, bread and cookies – it will make your preparation easier, add that savour of good, old-fashioned home cooking and bring extra nutritional value with its high polyunsaturated fat content. It is also cholesterol free and approved by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.
La Familia Olive Oil boasts multiple benefits such as: helps fight diabetes, improves brain function, promotes weight loss, helps to relieve pain, strengthens the immune system, the benefits are truly endless!  
And of course, we are all no stranger to La Familia 100% coconut oil which boosts heart health, encourages fat burning, protects skin, hair and teeth and so much more! 
Follow @africasunoil on Instagram and Look out for updates on how I use all my @africasunoil products! 
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@swirlzz___ #review

I was treated to a variety of delectable ice creams last weekend. I love that all flavours were so unique and so creamy!
I was sent a huge variety of flavours which were all decadent. Here’s my opinion in order of my most favourite!
Lotus Biscoff – just as I thought I was done with lotus along came the most perfect tasting ice cream I’ve ever had! So creamy and amazing! I love that the flavour hits the spot without being overwhelming and that it’s topped with lotus spread and lotus biscuit pieces.
Popping Candy – how unique is this one! A sweet candy strawberry flavour that pops like there’s a party on your tongue even way after the ice cream is eaten! I love! ❤️
Mint Crisp – I adored how potent the mint flavour is with a perfect balance of chocolate:
Burfee & Almond – literally tastes like Burfee transformed into an ice cream. Such a treat.
Turkish delight – I love the balance and taste. Light, rosy and flavourful.
Liquorice – on first lick the flavour seems very subtle but in an instant it blows up your tastebuds! A winner for liquorice fans!
Ferrero – a rich nutella flavour with a touch of hazelnut
Cookies & cream – my nephews fave!
Bubblegum – extremely potent flavour and aroma!
Caramel crunch – sweet caramel flavour with an ideal crunch
Raffaello – subtle coconut flavour with a creamy Raffaello kick
Pistachio – authentic pistachio flavour that isn’t too strong or too bland
Flake & Almond – Basic chocolate flavour that’s a family favourite for all
Follow @swirlzz___ on Instagram and DM them for enquiries. Their ice creams are perfect snack or even for birthdays, parties and events! They also have all sizes available. Swipe to find a stockist near you!



@beat_my_batter #review

I received the prettiest burfee cubes in a stunning gift box.

The flavours include: tradional, pistachio and Turkish delight. I love the soft melt in the mouth texture of the burfee, and it was delicious too!

Follow @beat_my_batter on Instagram to see more. Ideal for Eid and for gifting. Burfee available in cubes, moulds or even cakes in different flavours. Burfee truffles available too. WhatsApp To order 0828844786

@beat_my_batter #review

I received the prettiest burfee cubes in a stunning gift box.

The flavours include: tradional, pistachio and Turkish delight. I love the soft melt in the mouth texture of the burfee, and it was delicious too!

Follow @beat_my_batter on Instagram to see more. Ideal for Eid and for gifting. Burfee available in cubes, moulds or even cakes in different flavours. Burfee truffles available too. WhatsApp To order 0828844786. Available in Centurion & Jhb

@rosazari.official #review

I was sent these two gorgeous Van Cleef | LV rose gold bracelets from @rosazari.official I am so in love! The packaging is classy and sophisticated too. The quality  of the bracelets are fantastic and I’m not taking them off!
Aside from the stunning bracelets, customer service is of utmost importance in any business. Musarath is the sweetest kindest soul who is so efficient and delivered my bracelets as soon as I chose them! ❤️
Thank you for this precious gift. These are so ideal for all the special women in your life – for Mother’s Day, Eid, birthdays or  just showing your appreciation.
Follow @rosazari.official on instagram for the most elegant Parisian style bracelets.  Check out the link in their bio to see their eid sale. Contact 0842571786 or Rosazari.official@gmail.com.

@rowhi_by_r #review

Received a set of comfy loungewear from @rowhi_by_r ❤️
I love the tie dye colour and the fact that it’s super soft, thin, cool and can be used during the day and evening too!
They have so many colours and a whole range of items too!
Follow @rowhi_by_r on Instagram. Visit their website www.rowhi.co.za. Contact 0837864705 to order

@binteskitchen #review

I received a courier all the way from Durban to Pretoria from my very talented friend! I am so glad everything stayed fresh and still tasted as amazing as could be.
She sent me a focaccia , a kinder bueno twist bun (one filled with custard and one not filled) and a nutella walnut twist bun.
I absolutely love the twist buns. They are so soft when heated and such a delicious treat. I’m a huge bueno fan so that one filled with custard won my heart!
The focaccia stole the show though. I ate this every day for Sehri and iftaar until it was finished! Such a huge portion size and so worth it. This foccacia is as light and fluffy as can be! Topped with cheese, mushrooms, olives and some magical seasoning. You can eat it plain or with anything too it’s so versatile!
I am so impressed and proud of @binteskitchen so many new yummys have been created by her in ramadhaan including cannolis and stuffed donuts. She is stocking quite a few stores in DURBAN so be sure to get yours soon. If you aren’t in DURBAN you can contact her and get her to courier directly to you too. Eid holds some delectable treats as well as a range of low carb and gluten free too.
Follow @binteskitchen on Instagram. She creates both treat items as well as low carb gluten free treats too! Whatsapp +27 (76) 128-5751 to order

@hausofchocolat #review

I received the sweetest surprise a few days ago! Some of the tastiest chocolate you will ever indulge in from @hausofchocolat
I received a box of chocolate Bon bons, two heart lollies and two slabs of absolute decadence.
The Bon bons are handcrafted hand painted chocolates. They were filled with caramel, milk chocolate cream and coconut. They all melt in your mouth and it really depends on your palate which flavour you prefer. I can’t choose a favourite – they were all equally amazing.
The heart chocolates were definitely my favourite. Quick to eat as an after iftaar treat. Rich, creamy, delicious and I loved the pop of sweets in the middle too!
The slabs are by far the most unique I’ve come across. Dark chocolate with fruit and nut; and white chocolate with pistachios and roses. Really too pretty to eat but so tasty that you can’t stop once you start!
I can’t emphasize enough the impeccable quality of the Belgian chocolate used. These are really the most perfect gifts. They have special gift boxes for Mother’s Day and eid, and so many more exciting items on offer too!
Follow @hausofchocolat on Instagram. They specialize in artisanal Belgian chocolate. Whatsapp  +27 (79) 227-6311 To order. Based in Pretoria / Johannesburg.

@theprintlane_ #review

Thank you for these cute matching his and hers Batman tees! We plan to use them for a cute photoshoot soon!
The long sleeve tees are perfect for winter, great quality material and comfy too!
My favourite products from the print lane also include their printed boards, stickers to keep you organised and so much more.

Follow @theprintlane_ on Instagram. They specialize in crafts, designs and prints, customised gifts and clothing. Courier nationwide. Whatsapp +27 (83) 710-7862 to order