@paintingsbyhumayra #review

I received the most stunning Islamic painting as a gift. I love the colours and textures used and it feels extra special to receive such a gorgeous gift so lovingly.
Thank you for this precious surprise ❤️
Follow @paintingsbyhumayra to view some of the most beautiful art you’ve ever seen. Paintings are exclusive and commissioned to fit your budget. Courier available and painting workshops done too! Contact 0723562701

@kidslamicbybinte #review

Received the cutest gift box for ramadhaan that is an absolute must have for all kids ❤️
My package included an adorable mug that said “First I do bismillah then I do the things” – so important to teach this to our little ones!
It also came with a little book of Ramadaan filled with information ready to be absorbed, Ramadan charts to fill in and various laminated important duas to stick around the house and remember to read together.
Follow @kidslamicbybinte on Instagram. They have a range of Islamic toys and boxes for children of all ages. Contact +27 (76) 128-5751 to order

@wonderbooks_za #review

Wonderbooks specializes in children’s books and educational products. They have become extremely popular because of their quality items and are definitely my number one choice when choosing something for my child.
They recently gifted me a Mohammed doll for my baby boy. He speaks when you press his hands, tells you about his favourite hobbies and sings an Islamic song too!
Although my baby is just 4 months old he loves coo-ing and interacting with his Mohammed doll and is so fascinated when he talks – distracting him and keeping his attention for a long while! Thank you for this special gift 🎁
Follow @wonderbooks_za on Instagram and contact 0786779892 to order your books, toys and educational products today! Ideal for ramadhaan and eid gifts too!

@ohanaa_food_for_babies #review

My little one just started solids and I received a package from @ohanaa_food_for_babies just in time!

They are based in centurion and are certified in child food nutrition producing nutritious and tasty baby food!

I received a package with stage 1 foods containing rice cereal, broccoli, sweet potato and potato.

I love the packaging (swipe to see pics), the little packets take up minimum space, are easy to freeze and to thaw, and enough for 1-2 feeds especially in the beginning!

Babies aren’t usually fans of rice cereal but it is important and an iron rich food especially for breakfast and when starting, my baby enjoyed it with a dash of cinnamon.

He loved the potato and sweet potato but I can’t say the same for broccoli. Regardless, it’s important to introduce different foods to your baby and to see their likes and dislikes from there to make sure they get all adequate nutrients from various foods. I’m so glad that @ohanaa_food_for_babies included a whole range of unique foods.

Follow @ohanaa_food_for_babies on Instagram and DM them for enquiries and orders.


@colcacchioongrant #review

Last weekend we had a delicious meal at one of my fave places to eat!
My favorite pizza was the moghul – an Indian butter chicken pizza topped with yoghurt, coriander and crispy fried onions and spiced and flavored so perfectly!
We also indulged in a delectable margherita and the nacho libre pizza which was topped with chicken, sour cream and tomato chilli salsa and was just as enjoyable and a real treat for nacho lovers!
Their menu is so vast and their options (including gluten free) truly endless!
Follow @colcacchioongrant, and be sure to visit them in Norwood. They are SANHA certified. Swipe to see more pics and look out for some specials from them soon!

@courierwhizz #review

I just used this courier service to get a box (5kg) of frozen goods from PMB to Pretoria.

Their service was so professional and my goodies came fresh as can be! Thank you!

They are also super affordable and do normal couriers, as well as refrigerated/frozen. They are a weekend service and travel between JHB and DBN.

Follow @courierwhizz on Instagram and whatsapp 0606 911 786 for queries. Call 0730270777 for bookings. Email courierwhizz@gmail.com

@pizza_la_citta #review

We visited this delicious pizza place at the bridge shopping centre in Buccleuch, Sandton this weekend.
How mouthwatering do these pictures look? You have no idea what a delightful taste explosion you are in for 😍
I love their international theme and huge variety of pizzas. We tried out the Durban tikka chicken – which was spicy and tasted like authentic chicken tikka. Topped with mushrooms, piquant pepper and tikka sauce of course. I love that the base is not too thin or too thick. It’s perfect!
We also tried the Cape Town chicken gatsby. This was my fave! It has chicken, Vienna, chicken polony, fried chips, green chillies, mustard sauce, tomato sauce and Mayo. Literally a delectable polony and chip parcel on a pizza. It also stays really well and I ate it for lunch and supper all weekend 😜
Last but not least and one for the pineapple on pizza lovers everywhere – we were treated to the Jamaica pizza. It has feta, olives, jelapeno, green pepper, pineapple, Mexican sauce and onion. Such a treat!
Follow @pizza_la_citta for top notch pizzas. If you are in the area be sure to pop by, if not – they are on Uber eats or you can call them for delivery too! They are strictly Halaal and SANHA approved. Contact them on 0639678432

@urban_glow_sa IPL hair removal device #review

So many people have dm’d me to ask if this device works – great news – so far so good, it does for me!
I have been doing full body laser hair removal with the Alma soprano machine for roughly 12 years. For the last 5 years or so I’ve just been going in once a year for maintenance as my hair has reduced tremendously!
With COVID and a 3 month old it’s a little difficult to get a chance to go in for yearly maintenance so I was thrilled when I received this IPL hair removal device.
The device is really easy and quick to use! Setttings go from level 1 to level 5. You need to shave before you use it. Every week (or I’m assuming when the hair grows again) you shave and use your device.
I have only used it one time on the lowest intensity level 1. I have minimal hair that grows in patches and so it would be really easy for me to see whether this device works. Whilst shaving, I missed a few hairs and this device burnt them immediately!
Hair growth has slowed significantly and I will be doing a monthly story update for the next 2 months on my progress. See @urban_glow_sa highlight as well.
Follow @urban_glow_sa on Instagram and contact them on +27 (72) 292-5656 to order your device. Thank you for being so kind and helpful at all times ❤️

@me3store #review

Received an awesome sunshade for the car with my baby boy’s name on it with a Ferrari theme – to match his car seat of course!
This is the cutest and coolest and it’s absolutely adorable how he stares at it when we sit in the car ❤️ Thank you!
Follow @me3store on Instagram. They customise mugs, tshirts, hoodies, baby clothing and so much more! Contact +27 (72) 786-3553 to order