@wadeesbraai #review

Been craving a good braai and Wadees definitely hit the spot!
They are currently doing pop ups all over Johannesburg and Pretoria.
For sides we indulged in pasta salad, coleslaw and gourmet potato salad. Perfectly complemented the delectable braai.
The braai included sausages, kebabs, chops, steak and chicken. I am so impressed with their quality of meat, light (but great) seasoning and of course how well cooked the meat was. If the colour of that chicken is not enough to make you drool what will! ????
They are efficient, respect social distancing protocol, meals are ready as soon as you fetch it and it’s fresh and hot right off the braai stand!
Thank you for exceptional service and for even more exceptional braai! Follow @wadeesbraai on Instagram and see where they will be popping up next!

@wackywaffles_on_a_stick_ #review

Wacky waffles stock the most amazing boxes of Belgian waffles. 6 come in a box. Just keep it in the freezer and heat for 5 mins in the oven until crisp.
They become perfectly crisp on the outside and are light and fluffy on the inside. Absolutely obsessed. Almost finished with all 4 boxes and need to get my hands on more.
They have a variety of stockists in Durban, Johannesburg and nationwide!
Follow @wackywaffles_on_stick_ to find a stockist near you! You can also email them on admin@wackywaffles.co.za

@simplyschweet #review

@simplyschweet sent me a whole range of their amazingly awesomely uniquely flavoured lollipops!

The flavours are absolutely brilliant and whats even better – is that they actually taste exactly like the flavour with no added twist. I am so impressed and blown away.

These are the list of flavours I was sent in order of my most favourite ????

Liquorice, Pine chilli, hot tamale, marshmallow, China orange, bubblegum, coconut, candy floss, china honey, cherry, salted caramel and grape!

@simplyschweet also makes the tastiest cakes with the softest texture ❤️

Follow @simplyschweet on Instagram and Be sure to place your orders soon

@_cornoisseur_ #review

Received 3 delectable popcorn flavours from @_cornoisseur_

• Golden delight – so sweet, so crisp, and just the perfect pinch of savoury (or maybe that’s just my palate)!

• Pecan crunch – my favourite! The popcorn is very lightly sweetened/caramelised just like the complementary pecans adding the most perfect crunch!

• Coffee crunch – This is actually pure genius and every coffee lovers dream! Crispy golden caramelised popcorn with a touch of coffee in every bite!

The popcorn was absolutely fresh and perfectly packaged! Well done on creating an exceptional, unique and delicious treat!

Follow @_cornoisseur_ on Instagram and DM them to order. Pretoria based.

@wrapit.za #review

Thank for the excellent customer service, perfect design and speedy delivery! We love our new phone covers ❤️

Specialising in Personalised Phone skins and cases. Add a personal touch to your device by customizing or designing your own skin/phone case. All you have to do is send us a picture or design of your choice.

What are Skins?
Skins are adhesive protective sheets that wrap around your device to completely change the look and feel of the device without adding any thickness, unlike conventional cases and covers. Skins protect your device from scratches, scuffs and fingerprint stains.

Our phone covers are anti burst cases made from high quality transparent plastic and personalized to your liking.

WrapIT is the perfect way to add personality and style to your device! WrapIT will have you standing out from the crowd in no time!  Whether you’re looking to protect from the wear and tear of regular use, breathe some new life into an old, tired-looking device, or just add some visual flare to that boring, uniform factory look, WrapIT has you covered!

Instagram: @Wrapit.za
Whatsapp: 061 513 6489
Facebook: Wrapit.za
Twitter: wrapit_za